Proven Leadership, Demonstrated Results

Our Executive Team is compiled of industry experts with decades of industry experience in all facets of logistics and technology. Through their vision and experience we are able to be at the forefront on innovation and process driven results.

Jeff Lau | CEO

Parker Stallard | President

Sharon Zhou | CFO

Drew Janney | COO

Griffin Wheeler | CDO

Wayne Kakuda | CIO

Jeff Lau | CEO

Parker Stallard | President

Sharon Zhou | CFO

Drew Janney | COO

Griffin Wheeler | CDO

Wayne Kakuda | CIO

Griffin Wheeler | CDO

Cecil Stallard | Founder

Cecil Stallard | Founder

Alex | VP Strategic Dev

Matt Hohenshil | VP, Account Management

Ben Andrezik | VP, Procurement

Jeff Lau

Jeff Lau is the CEO of Argus Logistics, where he oversees all aspects of the firm’s business operations.

Jeff’s career in the industry began shortly after graduating from Western Michigan University, and has included experience in the less than truckload sector, as well as full-platform logistics management. He has served many roles with Argus over the past 15 years, establishing the firm’s Intra-European operations, Intra-Mexican operations and Asian operations. His pioneering work includes creating and cultivating the company’s core operating procedures and customer service principles, and his industry insights and expertise have helped drive client engagement and improve carrier and service provider interactions.

Jeff has overseen Argus Logistics’ internal accountability initiatives, and he has been the key architect in establishing and differentiating

the company’s best-in-class service offerings. He has also been the operational lead in diversifying the Argus Logistics’ client base beyond the automotive sector to include clients in health and beauty aids, retail, home appliances, energy, heavy manufacturing, IT, chemical, after market and publishing. Jeff’s vision and leadership skills have enabled him to represent Argus Logistics as an internal and external leader for the company. Jeff was recently recognized as a 2019 EY Entrepreneur of the Year® award winner in Michigan and Northwestern Ohio.

Outside of work, Jeff’s heart is with his family, and he spends most of his free time with his wife, son, daughter and extended family. Jeff believes strongly in giving back, and he quietly supports several philanthropic efforts within his community.

Parker Stallard

Parker Stallard’s family pedigree in the logistics business means that he has spent virtually all his life in and around the supply chain industry: from the dinner table as a child, to the boardroom today.

Parker’s time with Argus Logistics has seen him build on that legacy—while creating his own impressive resume of accomplishment and innovation. His work has taken him across the globe, from Europe to Mexico, and around the country, before finally settling in Detroit in 2010.

As President, Parker oversees Argus Logistics’ business development and IT strategy. His extensive national and 

international experience, demonstrated industry expertise, and analytical mindset helps prospective clients understand the connection between their needs and Argus Logistics’ services. This has resulted in significant growth of the organization’s client base during his tenure. Parker’s long list of professional highlights includes spearheading the development of the Badger Freight Tracking mobile application and earning recognition as a 2019 EY Entrepreneur of the Year® award winner in Michigan and Northwestern Ohio.

Outside of the office, Parker is an avid golfer and tennis player who enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.

Sharon Zhou

As part of the executive team, Sharon Zhou oversees the full cycle of freight bill processing as well as financial reporting, tax planning and human resources. Sharon exhibits all the core values the entire Argus organization was built upon: Integrity, Transparency, Humility, and Client Advocacy.

Sharon is a CPA and earned her Master of Accounting Degree from University of Michigan and remains very dedicated to her alma mater

and a loyal Wolverine fan. Her international financial experience coupled with her State and US accounting training gives Sharon a unique holistic view to our business and industry.

Sharon exemplifies the modern American dream as she moved to the U.S. from China several years ago. Her running goal is to continue building on our world class freight bill and audit payment center and financial institution.

Drew Janney

Drew oversees all things operational; including the load operations, account management, and compliance department of Argus Logistics. Drew’s core focus is providing a best in class experience for our clients. In addition to his time at Argus, Drew brings with him many years’ experience from the logistics and supply chain industry which has always centered on advocating for the best client experience at the best value.

As an integral part of the company’s growth strategy, Drew truly possesses the core values of the Argus organization. A proponent of our corporate principle of full transparency and humility, Drew instills this philosophy in his interactions with clients, carriers, and his colleagues each and every day.

When he is not on the road visiting clients, Drew enjoys spending time with his wife, son. He and his family love traveling the country throughout the year to find the next best 10k and to visit family and friends.

Drew earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina with a concentration in Business Management. He also holds a MBA from Michigan State’s Eli Broad School of Business and is an active participant in the MSU Alumni Association.

Griffin Wheeler

Griffin Wheeler is the Chief Development Officer of Argus Logistics, where he oversees all business development and marketing efforts. A sales leader at heart, he excels in identifying growth opportunities and value creation.

Griffin’s career started right out of undergrad at the University of South Carolina in the industrial/commercial distribution/manufacturing sector.  He has held many roles within the growth and management space, letting his passion for people in and outside of his companies lead him. A culture of caring for the client and for the employee is at the forefront of his drive.

Continually improving himself and his team is a principle to which Griffin is dedicated.  After completing his MBA at the University of South Carolina, he took a multinational role with a manufacturer/distributor serving the oil & gas and industrial sectors.

The exposure and insight gained there ultimately led him to Argus through his deep understanding of supply chains and freight networks.  As Argus increases in scope/scale, he is charged with ensuring it does so in a holistic manner. Engaging with the right clients and team members is paramount to the company’s continued success and is not a responsibility he takes lightly.

In his free time, Griffin is a family man through and through.  He enjoys soccer practice with his son, dance recitals with his daughter, and back porch sitting with his wife.  When time permits, he savors simple pleasures like building with his hands and can occasionally be found sneaking off to fly fish.

Wayne Kakuda

Wayne leads the Argus technology group. Wayne’s driving purpose is to implement technology solutions that increase efficiency and effectiveness in delivering insight into our client’s business. Over the past several year, Argus’ technology department has developed and implemented a Best-in-Class TMS with insightful client dashboards for KPIs, Business Intelligence, and innovative predictive analytics to provide insight into shipment costs.

To create these innovative solutions, Wayne draws on his extensive professional experience: Engineer and Product Planner at Ford Motor Company, a Business Consulting at ATKearney, and leader at technology company at BMK Solutions and educational experience: Bachelor of Engineering from GMI also known as Kettering University and MBA from University of Chicago.

When Wayne is not working, he spends time with his family and community organizations. Wayne and his wife have three boys who are active in their school and community. Wayne, Jeff Lau, and his wife run a non-profit organization- Gift of Giving that has created three business (Beans to Bags Coffee Roasting Company, Moments Photography, and Buzz Cafe) to spark Avondale student entrepreneurial spirit while earning money to help the students in need. Over the past three years, Gift of Giving has helped the community provide 500 winter coats, 300 snow pants, 500 winter boots, and 1,000 pants, 700 shirts, 300 pairs of shoes, 18,000 cans of food, 400 bags of apples, and much more.

Cecil Stallard

Cecil Stallard is a core senior advisor to Argus. Cecil founded the best-in-class logistics management firm TPS Logistics in the early 1990’s.
Cecil was one of twelve children of David Stallard, a coal miner, and his wife Opal. Cecil moved to Michigan where he began in transportation as a route driver for Railway Express (REA). Beginning in 1965 Cecil was promoted rapidly through the ranks of sales to the vice president of national accounts at REA.

In 1974 Cecil resigned REA and joined a small group to establish Burlington Northern Air Freight (BNAFI) that became known as BAX Global and has since become a part of Schenker. Cecil succeeded there as the vice president of national sales.

In 1982, Cecil founded Central Air Freight as president and part owner. In little time he established a worldwide operation and grew at a pace which exceeded the growth rate of any prior air freight company in the world. His industry knowledge remains the source for humble advisement.

Cecil and his wife Susan reside in the Carolinas and are actively engaged in various organizations as board members and major donors to various charitable organizations, such as Detroit’s Presidents Organizations, World Presidents Organizations, local Rotary Clubs, The Boys and Girls Club, Power Cross, local Museums and their church.