Our Mission

To provide our clients with the team, processes, technology, and expertise through a comprehensive world class logistics management platform to allow them to gain full control of their supply chain and maximize savings. It is our mission to ensure every stakeholder FROM THE SHIPPING DOCK TO THE BOARDROOM™ recognizes the value and efficiencies gained through the mutual success of a partnership with Argus.

Our Vision

To create a community of logistics stakeholders that executes all aspects of logistics at the most opportune cost through an intuitive process that encompasses over 25 years of collective experience. It is our vision to provide each stakeholder with the tools, data and resources to maximize their value and potential within their own organization.

Our Values

Honesty, transparency and sustainability. Our core values craft our relationships and corporate culture allowing us to foster a reputation of the hardest-working logistics management team in the industry. These values have led our sustainability as an organization with world class client retention driven by our proven bottom line results.

Client Driven Approach

We mention customized programs and each client being unique a lot, because it is true and is a cornerstone of our mutual success. For a successful partnership, it is imperative that our program fits each client’s unique needs and that we are in sync with strategic corporate directives. To drive customization there are several key factors.

1. System Flexibility
2. Strategic Geographic Locations
3. Team of Subject Matter Experts

Core Values

Our core values are what drives our success with our client base. We are and will continue to be the hardest working, experts in the logistics industry. Our reputation has what has allowed our business to be successful from day one and that is a direct correlation to our employees, our corporate culture and core values.

Client Focused

With 100+ clients, in many different industries, located across the globe the culmination of our collective experience is what drives our ability to be flexible, delivering best practice solutions to our client base.

What is Full Platform Logistics Management?

Quite simply, we assist your team with every phase of transportation. Argus presents proactive rather than reactive strategies.



Cost savings and quality control

Client Process Management with clear KPI Metrics +Milestones

Client Service Scorecard

Claims Management

Monthly Business Reviews 

Additional Strategic Operational Programs (As-Needed)


& Route Engineering

Rapid E-RFQ Technology

Dedicated Mode Experts

100% Transparent 

Sophisticated Network Optimization

Driver of Key Market Indicators 

Operational Excellence

Dedicated Client 

Management Teams


Argus Vetted Best 

In Class Carriers


Custom approach, servicing 

all modes of transportation


Single Platform Visibility 


Exception Management Workflow


24/7 Coverage and 

Shipment Visibility 

Freight Bill

Audit & Pay

Financial Cost Allocation


Invoice Variance Tolerance 

Less of 1% or $1 


Accurate Freight Accrual


SSAE-18 Certified 3rd Party 

Verified Transparency


Consolidated Weekly Freight Billing

Claims &


Carrier Claims Management


Carrier Onboarding & Monitoring 

for safety, operating authority, 

insurance, etc


Supplier Routing Compliance


Certification Compliance 

(CT-PAT, Trade, etc.)


Emissions reporting


Multi-Party Process Compliance

Best In Class Technology

Accessible and easy to use 

full suite of services


Proprietary cloud-based TMS


Ease of Integration with over 20+ providers of ERP  & WMS platforms.


Performance Metrics Indicators


High-level business intelligence tools and customized reporting with recommendations.


Real-Time Carrier + Safety Tracking with Instant Violation Notifications


Questions? Get in Touch

Allow us to provide you with a complete supply chain assessment and free analysis. Simply contact us to get started and see all that Argus Logistics will do for you.